How to have iPhone-style WhatsApp on Android
WhatsApp with iOS appearance for your Android

iPhone style WhatsApp for Android APK (9.96) | 2024

Customize your WhatsApp experience on Android with an iPhone style, with emojis and a 100% faithful appearance of the iOS version.

Martial Triguero
By Martial Triguero

In recent years, there has been a considerable increase in the popularity of modified WhatsApp applications (what has been a mod), this is the case of iOS WhatsApp. This mod is based on the WhatsApp version of Fouad, with the addition that we offers an Apple iOS theme with two variants, to make your WhatsApp iPhone style on your Android device.

With this WhatsApp mod, users can feel a pure iOS theme experience on their Android device, so that you will have an iPhone-like WhatsApp on your Android (For the curious, or for those who have recently migrated from an iOS device, this is an excellent option.) And this option is for those who wonder how to put iphone emojis on android And they don't want to complicate life too much.

But it doesn't stop there, keep reading because we are going to explain how to install this fully updated version and the extras it comes with, which are not few...

UpdatedJanuary 25, 2024
Name of the applicationiOS WhatsApp
Last versioniPhone style WhatsApp (9.96)
OS versionAndroid
Package name-
AvailableDirect download

In addition, using a WhatsApp mod of this type also gives us the possibility of protecting our privacy, allowing us to: hide our 'online' status (this function is already available in the official app), stories viewed, profile photos, etc.

Important Note: Although there are many mods available on the internet, it is important to note that some may not be safe (this one is). Therefore, it is recommended to find and download mods from reliable sources.

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How to Download and Install WhatsApp in iPhone Style on Android

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There are many advantages that we will have when using a mod with these characteristics in our favorite messaging application, many of which are not possible in the official app.

Here are the main features it offers us:

  • Option of who can call you by selecting: Everyone, my contacts, my contacts except, select contacts individually or no one.
  • iPhone emojis in WhatsApp for Android included.
  • Hide seen status in states: hide the checked in the status of a contact.
  • Automation: schedule messages and send them automatically.
  • Anti-deletion state: deleted statuses and stories will not be deleted after 24 hours (even if user deletes it).
  • Anti-deletion messages: your contacts can't delete messages once they've been sent to you and you've received them.
  • voice modulator: possibility of sending audios in different tones.
  • Privacy settings include the following:
    • Contacts: hide the second check, hide the blue microphone, hide typing, hide recording.
    • Groups: same as contacts.
  • Internet disconnection only for WhatsApp
  • Freeze displayed date and time on 'last time'
  • Multi – WhatsApp: possibility to use WhatsApp iOS along with official WhatsApp on your Android device.
  • Availability of more than 1000 totally free themes; ready to download and apply.
  • Change the colors and styles of the entire app.
  • Possibility to hide the media (photos and videos) from the gallery.
  • Ability to backup and restore old WhatsApp data.
  • Change the language of the application.
  • Send images in full resolution.
  • Image submission limit increased.
  • Possibility of always being online, even if you are not using the app.
  • Various widgets for the home screen.

I think the features are extensive and attractive enough to give it a try... don't you think? You will be able to enjoy the WhatsApp experience on iPhone from your Android device… also completely free of charge.

Any questions you have, we will be happy to assist you in the comments section.

WhatsApp iPhone Style FAQ

What is iPhone style WhatsApp?

“iPhone style WhatsApp” is a mod for Android that imitates the appearance and functions of WhatsApp on iOS, offering iPhone themes and additional features not available in the official version.

How to change the iPhone style WhatsApp theme?

To change the theme in WhatsApp iPhone style, select the mod settings, look for the themes section, choose from more than 1000 free options, download them and apply them directly in the app.

How to download WhatsApp from an iPhone to Android?

At download WhatsApp iPhone style for Android, visit a reliable website like, find the download link and follow the instructions to install it on your Android device.

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