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Download GCam and improve the camera performance of your Android

GCam: how to unlock the hidden potential of your mobile camera

Get the most out of your Android smartphone's camera thanks to Google's photography algorithm used in GCam.

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The GCam, or Google Camera, originally from the Pixel series, enhances captures on compatible Android devices, offering highly detailed photos and improving performance in low light conditions. It is important to check compatibility with the Camera2 API and, to facilitate installation, GCamator is an excellent option, although manual installation through APKs (from Celsoazevedo) allows advanced customization with Config.XML files to adjust the application to the specifications of each smartphone.

GCam is not just another camera application; It is a clear example of how software can enhance hardware to offer results that, at times, border on the incredible (remember that these are the camera apps that Google Pixels have).

But what makes the GCam so special? How can you get the most out of it? And most importantly, how to make sure your device is compatible with this almost magical tool that can put your device near the phones with better cameras? We are going to break it all down in detail, step by step, so that you do not have any doubts.

What is GCam and why should you take it into account?

This app is the result of years of development by Google, originally intended for its Pixel devices. What makes it special is its ability to significantly improve the quality of photos thanks to its sophisticated post-processing algorithm. It allows you to capture images with a level of detail and in lighting conditions that often surpass the stock camera on your Android.

It will allow you to capture those nighttime moments, with a starry sky, or that candlelight dinner, with a clarity and quality above what the camera that comes standard on your Android phone offers you.


Before you start downloading GCam, it is essential that you confirm the compatibility of your device. If you have a recent mobile phone of a certain range, you are probably in luck, but it never hurts to do a quick check. This is something we will see next.

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The improvement with GCam in some cases is incredible…

GCam Support – The Essential First Step

Compatibility is something that could stop us in our tracks. But don't worry, we are going to resolve that doubt. Is your pocket companion compatible with this app? Let's see.

Compatibility Check

Don't take another step without making sure your Android device and GCam will get along. Now, how is this verification done? Is easier than it looks like:

  1. Go to Google Play and download the app Camera Compatibility Manual.
  2. Open it and take the test that will only last a few seconds.
  3. If all the indicators are green, congratulations, your device is compatible with the app.

If you find any indicators in red, that means that there will be GCam functions that you will not be able to enjoy on your device. But don't despair, some features may still work correctly.

And be careful, if you are thinking about activating the camera2 API to make your device compatible, I would recommend that you think twice. This means having root access and the possible loss of your smartphone's warranty.

Manual Camera Compatibility in action performing a test.
Result of our test

GCam Installation: Your Journey to Better Photos Starts Here

Are you ready to transform your mobile camera? The installation will lead you towards a significant improvement in your photos. Let's see how to do it effectively.

Via GCamator

If you are looking for a simple route, GCamator is your ally. This application, which you can get in the Play Store, will make your life easier:

  1. Download GCamator and open it.
  2. The app will search and suggest the best version for your device.
  3. If everything goes well after installing the camera app, your phone is compatible.

Manual installation of GCam APK

Or perhaps you prefer the adventure of manual installation; Here I give you a step by step:

  1. Visit Celso Azevedo website and choose the version that fits your model.
  2. Download the corresponding APK.
  3. Make sure you allow the installation of apps from unknown sources on your Android.
  4. Install the APK and that's it!
  5. Run some tests to make sure everything is going well.

And remember, customization is key to getting the most out of this app on your device.


For those looking for a tailored experience, I advise you to spend some time exploring different versions and settings (and different versions, since you will see that there are many). The time invested can make the difference in your photographic results.

Getting the most out of GCam: settings and settings

A comparison of two photos of GCam vs stock camera on Android.
GCam vs stock camera

If you have already passed the compatibility test and have the application installed on your device, what comes next? Now is the time to adjust and configure it. And this is where the true art of mobile photography comes into play.

Starting with the Enhanced HDR, which is like giving your photos steroids; The results are images with a wider dynamic range and details that previously went unnoticed. He astrophotography mode is another of GCam's treasures, allowing you to capture the night sky with jaw-dropping clarity.

Customizing saturation, sharpness, and other parameters is easy thanks to the libraries available. These adjustments, although they may seem minor, have a giant impact on the final result of your photographs.

Key settings to get started

So what are the basic settings you should try? In short, here is a list to get you started:

  • Adjusts the level of HDR to improve the lighting in your photos.
  • Experiment with the color saturation to bring your images to life.
  • Use the portrait mode to obtain a bokeh effect, that blur that gives you professional-looking photos.
  • Don't forget about white balance, key to making the colors look natural.
  • Try the night mode to see how GCam powers your Android phone's camera in low light conditions.

Now, it is essential that you remember that each smartphone will react differently to these settings. That's why I insist that you don't be afraid to test and adjust until you find the ideal settings for your specific device.

Config.XML files: the secret to a perfect configuration

After installing GCam, you will find a large number of parameters to adjust the application to your liking. But how to make these settings even more precise and suitable for your mobile? This is where Config.XML files come into play. These files are a kind of magic recipes that adapt the app to the unique characteristics of each smartphone.


If you have Telegram, there is a group where they share GCam configurations, showing results. They offer advice and it is a small community that I frequent to improve my photos through the app.

What are Config.XML files and what are they for?

Config.XML files are nothing more than configuration templates that fine-tune GCam parameters to maximize its performance on your device. Think of them as presets designed by the community, who know what works best on each phone model.

Going through color correction or taking advantage of advanced functions such as Night Sight or improved HDR+, these files are the bridge to improve the photographic performance of your mobile camera. The differences can be subtle or extremely noticeable, but in any case, they are improvements that you should explore.

How to install Config.XML files on your device

If you want to make the most of GCam's capabilities, follow these steps to install Config.XML:

  1. Download a Config.XML file suitable for your GCam version and smartphone model.
  2. Locate the Gcam folder on your device's internal storage and create a subfolder called Settings if it does not exist.
  3. Copy the downloaded XML file to this subfolder.
  4. Open GCam and double-tap near the shutter button to open the XML Settings switch.
  5. Choose the corresponding file and select the restore option.

It is important that you know that not all Config.XML are the same, and that each one is designed for a specific version of GCam and a specific smartphone model. Therefore, make sure you choose wisely to avoid unexpected behavior in the app.


Before installing a Config.XML file, it is crucial that you check its reliability and origin. The GCam user community is very active and often shares their settings, but it is always better to opt for reliable sources. Like the group I passed you before.

GCam vs Stock Camera: Is It Worth the Trade?

The big question on our minds: does the GCam really surpass the factory camera of our inseparable mobile phone? The comparison is not always fair, it depends a lot on the smartphone we have in our hands. In any case, this app has a reputation for marking a before and after in mobile cameras, especially on certain devices.

To answer this question, we must take several factors into account. One of them, and perhaps the most decisive, is the quality of image processing. There, the GCam usually takes the lead thanks to its advanced post-processing software inherited from Google's Pixels. In poor lighting conditions, GCam's Night Sight mode is a real monster.

But not everything is color of roses. Some devices with already optimized cameras, such as high-end ones from Samsung, Huawei or Apple, could offer a more balanced experience with their native software. Still, it doesn't hurt to give GCam a try and see the results with your own eyes.

FAQ about GCam on Android phones

What is GCam and what are its main benefits?

GCam, developed by Google, is an advanced camera app that improves photo quality on Android devices using sophisticated algorithms, delivering detailed images even in low-light conditions.

How can I check if my Android device supports GCam?

To check compatibility, download the Manual Camera Compatibility app from Google Play, take the test provided, and if all indicators are green, your device is compatible.

What are Config.XML files in GCam and how can they improve my photography experience?

Config.XML files are community-created preset configurations that fine-tune GCam parameters to maximize its performance on specific smartphone models, significantly improving photo quality.

GCam versus stock camera: is it worth the change?

The GCam often outperforms stock cameras in image processing, especially in low-light conditions, thanks to its advanced software. Although on high-end devices the native software may be more balanced.

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