A woman with the number 33 on her back looks out onto a post-apocalyptic landscape from an open shelter.
Lucy, the protagonist of 'Fallout'

My opinion on 'Fallout': if you haven't seen the series, you're already late

The Prime Video series has become one of my favorites. It has everything necessary to become one of the best science fiction series in history.

Martial Triguero
By Martial Triguero

What a time when choosing what to watch was as simple as deciding between the few options that open television offered... Nowadays, with the rise of streaming platforms, the story is completely different. Amazon Prime Video, for example, has been on the crest of the wave with series that have captured the attention of critics and the public, although it still lacks that great success that becomes a global phenomenon. For many (myself included), this gap could be perfectly filled by 'Fallout', a series that not only brings action and entertainment, but also carries the legacy of a video game saga that has left its mark on the gaming community.

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Origins and context of 'fallout'

Does the name 'Fallout' ring a bell? If you have been involved in the world of video games in the last decades, surely yes. 'Fallout' is not just another video game; is an immersive experience that has defined the post-apocalyptic role-playing genre. Since its first version in 1997, the series has evolved, offering extensive and detailed worlds where every action has consequences. These games have allowed us to explore desolate landscapes, interact with memorable characters, and make decisions that shape the fate of entire communities (and I confess that I have spent more hours than I can count immersed in these worlds).

The transition of 'Fallout' from video games to a television series brings with it a huge set of expectations and challenges. It's no secret that adapting a video game to a completely different narrative format can be complicated, but if done well, success is assured (Let them ask The Last of Us). Video game fans have very high expectations for how their favorite characters and worlds should be represented, and not all elements of a video game translate well to the screen. However, the team behind the 'Fallout' series on Amazon Prime Video had an ace up their sleeve: the story does not directly adapt any of the existing games, but rather introduces an original narrative within the universe established by them, which gives them some creative freedom without detaching themselves from the source material.

This approach can be key to capturing both die-hard fans and newcomers. Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, known for their work on 'Westworld' (from more to less... but interesting series), are in charge of giving life to this world, promising a mix of intense drama, complex characters and, of course, that touch of black humor and satire that has characterized 'Fallout' since its inception.

Key characters and their dynamics

Now that I've gotten you into the situation, let's delve a little deeper into the characters that make 'Fallout' a series with such a personal stamp. Believe me, these characters have something to cut.

Lucy's profile: her background and her evolution throughout the series

Lucy, the protagonist of 'Fallout', in a blue suit, inside a dimly lit shelter.

Lucy, as I already told you, is one of those protagonists who do not leave you indifferent. Raised in a shelter (33 to be exact), this girl not only has to adapt to a wild world, but she must also face the challenges of leadership and survival. Her evolution from a shelter girl to a strong and determined woman is one of the central axes of the plot.

Maximus and the Brotherhood of Steel: ideals and conflicts

Maximus, character from 'Fallout', in a post-apocalyptic workshop wearing a brown tactical suit
Maximus of the Brotherhood of Steel

Maximus represents that military idealism that often clashes with reality. A member of the Brotherhood of Steel, his internal struggle between following orders and doing the right thing adds a layer of complexity to the series. The Brotherhood, with its rigid principles, is a breeding ground for moral conflicts that Maximus constantly faces (this dilemma of “doing the right thing” versus “following the rules” is a recurring theme that makes you think).

The Ghoul: a mysterious character with a touch of humor

Cooper, the ghoul with a cowboy hat, in front of a desert landscape in 'Fallout'.
Cooper, the cowboy ghoul

And we couldn't forget the Ghoul (my favorite), this mutant cowboy who always seems to be in the right place at the right time to add humor to tense situations. Despite his disfigured appearance and his mysterious past, he has a heart of gold and unwavering loyalty to those he considers friends. His presence is a constant reminder that, even in the apocalypse, humor is a survival tool. His role is sublime.

The interaction between these characters, with their very different backgrounds and personalities, is what really raises the level of the series. Each one contributes their grain of sand to build a vibrant and exciting story. It's that mix of humor, tension and personal development that makes you hooked and can't stop watching.

Distinctive elements of 'Fallout'

Okay, now let's talk about the flavor that makes 'Fallout' a series that stands out from other Amazon Prime Video productions. This is where things get good.

Humor and tone of the series compared to other Amazon productions

If something is not missing in 'Fallout', it is an acidic humor that knows how to turn the most tense situations around. This distinctive touch differentiates it quite a bit from more serious series. 'Fallout's' ability to integrate humor into a post-apocalyptic setting is refreshing and, at times, necessary to decompress the intensity of the story. Who doesn't need a good laugh after a shootout with mutants?

Setpieces and Visual Elements: Comparison to Industry Standards

Visually, 'Fallout' does not skimp on impressing us. From detailed explosions to meticulously designed desolate landscapes, every scene looks like something out of a AAA video game. This attention to visual detail can be compared to the great Marvel productions, although of course, with a much darker tone and a bit more of dirty and crude realism (it's like 'Mad Max' meets 'The Avengers', is it? can you imagine it?).

The influence of Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy on the narrative style of the series

Nolan and Joy's touch is noticeable in every twist of the script. His ability to build complex worlds and characters with layers of emotional depth adds a richness to 'Fallout' that simply engages. Seriously, these two know how to keep us glued to the couch.

To delve into 'Fallout' is to discover a series that not only entertains, but also challenges and provokes reflection. With these unique elements, there is no doubt that we are facing a production that could mark a before and after for Amazon Prime Video.

Potential of 'Fallout' as a global hit

After giving you a tour of the intriguing world of 'Fallout', it's time to talk about its potential to become the jewel in the crown of Amazon Prime Video and one of the best science fiction series. And believe me, it has plenty of ingredients to achieve it.

Key factors for global success

First, the fan base is no small feat. The followers of the 'Fallout' video games are legion and are spread all over the globe. To this, let's add a story that does not depend on previous games, which allows it to attract those who are not regular players without snubbing veterans. A master move.

In addition, the series offers an explosive mix of action, drama and black humor, a cocktail that has proven to be effective in other globally successful series.

Comparison to other streaming hits

If we look at phenomena like 'Stranger Things', we see that the secret is in the combination of nostalgia, endearing characters and a captivating story. 'Fallout' is going strong with a retro-futuristic setting that is a nod to the aesthetics of the 50s and 60s, and characters that I have already told you are amazing.

On the other hand, series like 'The Squid Game' taught us that you don't have to be from Hollywood to conquer the world. 'Fallout', with its unique approach to narrative and a visual style that breaks the mold, has everything to win to attract international attention (and it has).

Final Thoughts

After this tour of the 'Fallout' universe, it is easy to see why the series has been a success on Amazon Prime Video. With rich characters, an engaging plot and an aesthetic that captures the imagination, 'Fallout' combines the best of the worlds of video games and television series.

So, if you haven't made the jump to 'Fallout' yet, I encourage you to give it a chance (you won't regret it). It could be just what you need to add a little excitement to your streaming nights. Who knows? Maybe you'll get as hooked as I did.

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