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Do you have doubts about whether you have been blocked on WhatsApp? Definitive method to know

How to know if a person has blocked you on WhatsApp, signs to find out and how to act if the block is confirmed.

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If you suspect that you have been blocked on WhatsApp, but want to avoid the drama of asking, here is a foolproof method: try to add the person in question to a group. If WhatsApp prevents you from doing so, it means you are blocked. This step is final, but be careful, if you are not blocked, your contact will notice. For more subtle details, such as the disappearance of the profile photo or the absence of the last connection time, they could be indicative, but they also have their exceptions. Remember, if you confirm the block, take a breath and respect the other's decision.

WhatsApp has become an extension of our social lives. From it we communicate with friends, family and even from where we resolve work matters, being a communication bridge for millions of people. But unfortunately, not everything is a back and forth of messages and memes; Sometimes, there is the most sepulchral silence that leaves us spinning in our heads: Have they blocked me?

Surely you have found yourself checking your phone anxiously, waiting for a response that doesn't come, you know what I'm talking about (or maybe you're just starting out). So how can we be sure that we've been blocked and it's not just a technical problem or that the other person is just busy? Well, that's where I'm going to dig today, so come with me if you want to know more.

First signs of a possible block on WhatsApp

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Lack of responses to your messages.

Let's start with the basics. If you have sent several messages and have not received a response, it is normal for you to feel restless and confused. Sometimes life gets in the way, and answers take time to come. But if the answer takes longer than usual, you may become suspicious. (And that's where the vicious circle of checking your device every 2 minutes to see if the answer comes...)

Presence of a single “tick” in sent messages

If you look closely at the messages you have sent and only see a “tick” or check mark (as WhatsApp indicates in its FAQ), that's where things start to get a little more serious. That single “tick” or “check,” whatever you want to call it, means that the message has been successfully sent from your device, but it hasn't reached the other person's device (i.e., there's no way they could read it at this point).

And yes, one of the reasons could be a crash. But before jumping to conclusions, keep in mind that this could be due to the other person's connection problems or simply because their phone is turned off, in airplane mode, and maybe even in your area. WhatsApp is down (especially if you belong to a different country).


Don't panic yet! While these signs may be clear indicators of a blockage, there are other possible explanations as well. Before the worst gets worse, read on to find out how to definitively confirm your suspicions.

Detailed steps to confirm if you have been blocked on WhatsApp

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If you've reached this point/section, you're probably pretty convinced that something is wrong. But don't worry, I'm going to guide you through more concrete steps so that you can clear up any doubts. (This is something I've had to do more times than I'd like to admit.)

Profile photo verification

One of the first and most obvious signs of a blockage may be the disappearance of the profile picture of the person. If before you could see your favorite selfie and now you find yourself with the typical faceless WhatsApp avatar, it's time to raise an eyebrow.


Did you know that many people choose to delete their profile photo when they have had some type of argument with their partner or moment of disagreement on WhatsApp? It is a more common practice than you think. They usually do it to get attention or to let people know that they are not well.

Checking the last connection time

This is another classic indicator. If you were previously able to see when the person was last active and now that information has disappeared, you could be facing a case of blocking. Although, of course, it is also possible that you have decided to hide that information from all your contacts. (As is my case. It's a perfect way to keep your privacy safe.)

Observation of WhatsApp statuses

States are a function that can reveal a lot to us. If you used to see frequent updates from the person on your states with hints of some kind and suddenly, you haven't seen anything for a while, you may have been blocked. However, it is also possible that he has simply stopped posting statuses.

Attempting to add the contact to a group

This is one of the most definitive methods. If you try to add the person to a group and WhatsApp prevents you from doing so, it is almost certain that they have blocked you. Although, keep in mind that if you do, and you are not blocked, the person will receive a notification from the group. (So ​​be prepared to later explain why they're suddenly in a group called “Test, please ignore.”)

Making a voice call via WhatsApp

If after all of the above you still have doubts, try making a call on WhatsApp. If it doesn't connect or terminate immediately, there's a good chance you're blocked. It could also be that the person is having connection problems or their device is turned off. (I understand that you are looking for certainties, but in the digital world, few things are absolute.)


Although these steps can give you a pretty clear idea, there is never absolute certainty without direct confirmation from the person. (And yes, I know asking for that confirmation isn't exactly easy.) The method of adding that person to a group is the definitive one, but as I pointed out before, it has its drawbacks.

How to act upon confirmation of a block

If we reach the point where your suspicions are confirmed (that you are blocked), what should you do? Well, the first thing is to take a deep breath, because acting hot is never a good option. It is not the end of the world, although at first it may seem like it. Here are some tips on how you can/should handle this situation:

  • Respect for the other's decision: Even if it hurts, it is essential to respect the person's decision to block you. We all have our reasons and right to choose who we want to interact with (difficult but necessary).
  • Personal reflection: It is a good time to reflect on the possible reasons for the blockage in question. Without falling into self-flagellation, think about whether there was something in your behavior that could have led to this situation (a little introspection doesn't hurt).
  • Emotional management: Facing a block can be emotionally challenging and painful. Talk to friends or loved ones about how you feel, and if necessary, seek professional support (asking for help is brave).

And, although accepting a block can be difficult, it can also be a great opportunity to grow personally and improve our future relationships. We learn from blows and grow as people... it is the law of life. I hope you have been able to resolve your doubts with these recommendations that I have left you. And always remember to act cold, this is the best advice I can give you.

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